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Focus on... National Sleep Awareness Week

It's National Sleep Awareness Week from the 2 to 8 March and when you have trouble sleeping it can really affect your life. So here are some tips and remedy suggestions to get you nodding off.

Homeopathy is wonderfully helpful for people suffering from insomnia and is safe with no risks or side effects.

Here are a few of the remedies you can consider for those occasional bouts of sleeplessness:

Aconite*: if a person has trouble sleeping after a frightening event and is very restless and anxious.

Arnica*: if the bed or pillow feels too hard. The person is restless and bed and cannot get comfortable. Also useful after a physical trauma.

Arsenicum*: if insomnia starts right after a business or financial shock in someone who tends to be chilly and restless and worries about their health. The insomnia here will often begin around midnight. Useful for people who are ‘too tired’ to fall asleep or worn out from mental exertion. There will be a lot of anxiety and they may even feel anxious when asleep.

Chamomilla*: is good for anyone who can’t sleep because of extreme irritability or physical pains. It is also useful for those who have become dependent on sedatives. The person needing this remedy may weep in their sleep.

Coffea: for the person who has had an extremely stimulating day and has trouble shutting the mind off and calming the body afterwards. May feel like the jittery after effects when overindulging in coffee – which is what the remedy is made of!

Gelsemium*: if a person is anxious with anticipation of some upcoming event and cannot sleep. There may also be bowel problems like diarrhoea.

Ignatia*: for insomnia after grief. There may be frequent sighing or yawning when awake and/or sobbing or whimpering during sleep. Often there is a sensation of a lump in the throat.

Nux vomica*: if a person is particularly irritable and impatient and wakes at around 3am and lies there thinking about business problems or other vexing issues. May also be sensitive to light, noise and other stimuli. This remedy is very useful for those who drink too much coffee or alcohol.

Passiflora: if there are few specific symptoms in children and elderly people. Also useful for those with an overactive mind.

Pulsatilla*: if a person is kept awake by one specific repeated thought or even a tune. They may be tearful because of the inability to go to sleep. Also useful when sleepless after a late supper; the person is restless and full and wants company and the lights on.

These suggestions are merely that. As always in homeopathy - one must match the most intense and peculiar symptoms of the patient to the remedy that has the same symptom profile.

Remedies marked with an asterix are available from Boots or Holland and Barrett. The remainder are available from your homeopath.

Suck one pillule until it dissolves every hour or so until the symptoms improve. If your symptoms change to another remedy picture switch to that remedy. Potency: 30c.

As an aside, you could also consider supplementation. I will be doing a feature on this product in a week or so but Nature’s Sunshine Nutri-Calm has a wonderfully calming effect on the nervous system. Get in touch if you would like to try this supplement.

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