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Fire Cupping

Fire cupping is also know as Chinese cupping and is an ancient method of dealing with deep seated tension, knots and adhesions.  Using heat to remove the oxygen from inside the glass cupping jars a vacuum is created which helps to decrease the pressure on the underlying tissue.  With silicone cups a similar effect is created by squeezing the air out.  When the cups are placed on the skin and the vacuum effect is created, a lifting of the muscle layers and fascia occurs which gives space for blood to be drawn to the area to facilitate healing and encourage lymphatic action and localised healing.  Massaging with the cups further helps to alleviate pain, decrease swelling, increase range of motion and speed up the healing process.  And it feels great too!  


You can think of a cupping session as deep tissue massage without the intense discomfort.  A session will typically include massage to loosen the superficial muscle layers.  I will then place the cups which will be left in situ for around 20 minutes.  During this time I can work on other areas of the body (for example, the legs) or you can rest quietly.  Depending on how the cups react I may then do some massage with the cups, followed by deeper massage into the area.  


Cupping is appropriate for most areas of the body and can also be used to treat specific conditions by focusing on meridians.

(There are some contraindications to this therapy so we will have a quick chat about your health.)


Appointments are available in my therapy room at home in Preston, Weymouth. 


You can enjoy an hour session which will comprise massage, static cupping and cupping massage or a longer 90 minute session can include Reiki or Indian head massage.


An hour is charged at £55.  Longer 90 minute Cupping Super Sessions are £70.

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