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I've suffered with terrible Hay Fever since I was a child. For years now I've relied on over the counter medicine that controlled the symptoms but made me feel dried up and drowsy but doesn't align with my belief in a natural approach to healthcare.  I've tried Homeopathy in the past and wasn't always that pleased with the results as my condition was so severe. However as my symptoms have lessened dramatically in recent years I thought I would try it again. I had a Skype consultation with lovely Leslie Kelly who gave me a remedy to try and I'm absolutely delighted with the results!  I've been using it for about a month now and it's really helping with the itchy, runny eyes, scratchy throat and constant sneezing. I highly recommend Leslie, who is based down in Hayling Island and is a healer through and through.  AW

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By the way, I found the consultation alone rather therapeutic and it helped me clear out quite a few issues in my head and changed how I look at them. So thank you for that. That alone made me feel better!   AG

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Homeopathy is a safe and gentle holistic system of treatment.  It treats the individual as a 'whole person' and takes account of all aspects of the person as well as the presenting symptoms.  Sessions are tailored to each individual's particular needs with the aim of stimulating the body's ability to heal itself. 


Homeopathy can be used to treat any illness or condition, whether acute or chronic. It can be used to complement conventional or other holistic treatment or as an alternative to conventional medical treatment.  Most importantly, a homeopathic consultation gives you the time and space to talk about your symptoms and everything that concerns you about your health, and your life more generally, in a supportive and confidential setting.


Homeopathic remedies come from natural sources - plant, mineral and animal. Their preparation process eliminates the danger of toxic side effects or addiction and can be taken safely alongside conventional medication.  The remedies are gentle, with no side effects and is safe for all ages from newborn to the elderly.

I will take the time to listen to you, and treat you as the unique individual you are. The more I can understand about what makes you you - your habits, thoughts, feelings and moods, preferences and dislikes, and so on - the more precisely I can prescribe the remedies that are most appropriate to you.  So we'll really take our time.


The first consultation can take up to one and half hours as I need to take many details from you and get to know you.  Follow up consultations will usually take around 45 minutes to an hour.  Consultations for children are typically shorter, around 45 minutes.


Consultations are available online through Zoom and in my consulting room at home in Weymouth.


Consultations are charged at £65 for the first session and £50 for follow ups. This will usually include the cost of your remedies.  Consultations with your child are charged at £55 for the first visit and £40 for follow ups and are usually a bit shorter.  I usually ask clients to commit to at least three sessions.

20 minute acute appointments are charged at £25.

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