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COVID-19 policies


I have heightened my cleaning practices.  My therapy room has had a deep clean and therapy sessions will be spaced out to leave a minimum 30 minute gap between clients for cleaning and linen changes between each client.  I am also minimising  my bookings to no more than four per day.

My cleaning checklist prior to your arrival will be added to your therapy notes.

Areas that will be disinfected prior to your arrival include, and is not limited to:

 - garden gate

 - doorbell button

 - all door handles in my client area (front door, porch door, bathroom door, therapy room door)

 - couch, cradle (if used), plastic covered bolster

 - client chair (sadly I have removed my lovely bee cushions for the moment)

 - all surfaces in my therapy room

 - all massage bottles and other equipment in my therapy room

 - all surfaces in the bathroom

 - all surfaces in hallway

On arrival you will be expected to thoroughly wash your hands in the bathroom.  There will also be hand sanitiser available in the hallway and in my therapy room.  I will be washing my hands thoroughly before your arrival, before your session commences and after your session.  I may also be sanitising throughout your session.

​Following your departure the same cleaning detail above will be undertaken.  All linens used during your session will also be removed and bagged until they can be washed at 60 degrees.  Please note - at the moment it is advised that I cannot use the usual plush blankets you all love.  I will be using flannel sheets instead.  If you would like to bring your own blanket for extra cosiness you would be more than welcome to.  I have also had to remove the pillows from my room, although I do have a small wipeable pillow available for use when needed.

We are heading into warmer weather and I will be unable to use my Dyson air cooler, however I am lucky that I have three windows in my room and these will be kept open wherever possible.  The room will also be aired between clients.

I will be wearing a visor during our sessions which will be sanitised and the shield replaced before your session.  Please bring your own mask to wear during your session.

I regret that I will unable to offer you water following your session so please do ensure you bring your own, especially as the weather heats up. 

And finally - please ensure you complete the health declaration form that will be sent to you prior to your session. 


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