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Focus on.... Stress!

April is Stress Awareness Month and stress is something that very few of us can escape. But I think stress means different things to different people and we are all affected in different ways by a variety of stressors.

As a homeopath I am always interested to understand what your individual stressors are and how this manifests for you. And this will include not only your behaviour but also how you're feeling. So I would talk to you and ask you to descr...ibe what you are experiencing in as much detail as possible. This is because you are an individual and how you experience stress likely differs from others in one way or another.

We also tend to experience stress in different ways. For some it’s a feeling of anxiety, nervousness or restlessness. Others may be more agitated. And some may feel they just cannot cope. There is a wide range of emotions, feelings and behaviour associated with stress.

Biologically, a stressor is anything which impacts on an organism requiring it to adapt or to defend its integrity. In human beings that impact may come from within, or from without. Physical disease processes can impact on the body requiring adjustments to be made. Commonly stress comes from an external source such as work, relationships and even environmental factors. It can be about feeling we have too many issues or tasks demanding our attention at once. Or it can be about experiencing some significant trauma, like a bereavement, a divorce, or losing a job.

Most of us feel stressed when dealing with change. However, we all experience similar situations differently, with different thoughts and different sensations from each other.

Homeopathy recognises that you are an individual and therefore there is no single remedy for stress, or even small handful of remedies for stress. The most appropriate remedy will be the one which best matches the your experience and characteristics.

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I also offer Reiki and Indian Head Massage to help you relax and find your bliss.

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