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How I work

I am principally a holistic therapist - with the emphasis on holistic. The therapies I offer deal with you as a whole person and encompass all that you are.

I do not follow a set procedure as each session is tailor-made for you. Because you are an individual.

Unlike many other therapies I am not just looking to treat your symptoms, but to establish the cause, whether it be internal or external, and start to deal with that too. The aim is to rebalance the body so that it achieves a state of natural harmony.

I am a massage therapist, Reiki practitioner and homeopath and I work from my therapy room at home on Hayling Island, from my clinic in Chichester and in the comfort of your own home by arrangement.

Contact me to book in for fully body massage, deep tissue massage, Indian head massage, natural facelift massage, Reiki, 90 minute super sessions or homeopathy.

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