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Focus on... hayfever

The sun is coming out and for some people this means the onset of hayfever! Homeopathy can help to alleviate both short-term and long-term allergy symptoms.

Get in touch with me to find out how homeopathy can help with your hayfever this year. I also have a six week protocol available at only £20 that can really help!

For short-term relief try one of these remedies : * Allium cepa: Burning discharge from nose, bland discharge from eyes, light hurts the eyes, sicking/pricking sensation in larynx. * Euprhasia: eyes very swollen with thick, burning discharge, bland discharge from nose, coughing up phlegm, feels worse indoors. * Sabadilla: violent sneezing, itchy nose, red, and swollen eyelids, runny eyes, headache as if head is shrinking, chilly, person’s thinking is dull and slow. * Nux vomica: stuffiness and blocked breathing, itchiness inside ears, the eyes burn and are sensitive to light, person is irritable. * Pulsatilla: bland yellow discharge from the nose and eyes, weepy or tearful disposition, persona feels better in open air. * Arsenicum album: wheezing and tightness in lungs, burning throat, feels restless and worried. * Arundo: early in hay fever season with tickly nose and sneezing, no discharge, roof of mouth itchy.

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