Focus on.... Over indulging...

Have you overindulged the last few days? As Spring approaches it is a good time to do a detox and clear the body of toxins that have built up over winter when our lifestyles become a bit more sluggish.

The Healthy Starter Programme is an effective cleanse designed to be taken alongside a normal healthy diet. Results will be enhanced if you omit red meat, caffeine and alcohol from your diet during the programme. And of course - drink plenty of water while using the programme to flush out those toxins.

The Healthy Starter Programme includes:

HEALTHY STARTER PACK+ A powerful and effective ten day course of five cleansing herbal products which collectively help to cleanse the whole body of cellular waste.

LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL A great tasting minty drink to enjoy throughout the day. Add Liquid Chlorophyll to water for a drink that leaves the breath minty fresh, and is a valued addition to your cleanse programme.

PRO B11 A high potency, multi strain supplement which provides almost 12 billion bacteria per serving. That's good bacteria, of course! The eleven strains of bacteria ensure you replenish your gut with a variety of beneficial flora, and each capsule contains a built-in prebiotic to nourish and spread the bacteria throughout the gut.

To get that spring in your step get in touch with me to order your Healthy Starter Programme.

Please Note: The Healthy Starter Pack+ is not recommended for children, women who are pregnant or likely to become pregnant. Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dosage.

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