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Focus on.... Digestion

Good digestion is the key to good health and an optimum balance of natural live bacteria helps to maintain gut flora.

Use a probiotic after a nutritional whole-body cleanse and in particular after a course of antibiotics (antibiotics destroy the good and the bad bacteria in your body) to ensure your gut stays in balance.

Probiotics are also important as part of your daily health maintenance programme, and in particular when you are about to have, or have recently undergone hospital treatment, are pregnant or trying to conceive, are planning to travel abroad, have recently suffered from a digestive upset, or have recently completed a dietary cleanse or colonic irrigation treatment.

Nature's Sunshine offers a unique high potency formula of eleven strains of natural live bacteria (12 billion bacteria per serving).

Pro B 11 is available to buy from me - get in touch to place your order.

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