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Focus on.... homeopathy and menopause

The menopause is something that all women will go through and homeopathy can be so helpful in managing the symptoms. The menopause is all about change and should be seen as a new and exciting phase. But that's difficult to do if the symptoms are making life hell for you (or for your loved one)!

You can start to prepare for the menopause by cleaning up your diet, getting a healthy level of exercise, detoxing and clearing out synthetic hormones in order to begin to balance the endocrine system (the system responsible for hormones in the body).

So what is the menopause actually? It is a natural stage in a woman's life when the body begins to adapt to decline in ovarian activity. It is a time of transition and should not be seen as a disease. Just as at the start of a woman's menstrual cycle the body is preparing for pregnancy and childbirth, at menopause the reproductive system is starting to wind down. And so the symptoms experienced during menopause are as a result of changes and slowing down in some hormone function.

Symptoms vary greatly from woman to woman as we are all individuals and we will transition through menopause in our own unique way. And this is where many find homeopathic treatment so beneficial as it will look at your individual symptoms and how you are experiencing them.

If you are going through any hormonal change, be it menopause, PMT or other - get in touch for a chat on how homeopathy can help you to manage the symptoms.

My homeopathic clinics are in Chichester, Cosham (Portsmouth) and Hayling Island and appointments can also be arranged by Skype.

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