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What happens when you see a homeopath?

When you see a homeopath it’s their job to get a thorough understanding of your health and the exact symptoms you are experiencing, so that they can find a homeopathic remedy which matches you and your symptoms as closely as possible. During this confidential, in-depth ‘case-taking’ process your homeopath will want to know precise details of your current illness, but will also consider other aspects of your healt...h including your past medical history, diet, lifestyle and personality.

Homeopathy is a holistic form of treatment and for this reason takes into account all aspects of the individual and their symptoms before making a prescription. Your first consultation can be up to an hour and a half long and you will be asked many questions. Some of these questions may seem strange for those not used to homeopathy. It is simply to enable me, the homeopath, to build up a picture of your unique make up. A bit like playing detective!

Follow-ups The first follow up consultation will usually be around three or four weeks after the first prescription, although in some cases it may be sooner. The session may be shorter, and the homeopath will ask about changes that have occurred, using their detailed notes as a reference point, before deciding on the next step in your treatment.

The number of consultations an individual may need is difficult to predict – it depends on a number of factors such as the age of the patient, how long the symptoms have been going on and their individual response to the prescription.

What about seeing my doctor? I would recommend that you maintain your relationship with your GP or specialist. When necessary homeopathic and conventional approaches can be used alongside one another to give the most appropriate medical care. Your local NHS services will also be able to arrange any diagnostic procedures you may need and provide emergency cover.

Some people choose homeopathy because they are unhappy with side effects from their current conventional medication. However you should continue with any conventional medical treatment that may have already been prescribed as it can be dangerous to stop this suddenly. Any change in use of conventional medication should be discussed with both the prescribing doctor and your homeopath as treatment progresses.

If you would like to pursue homeopathic treatment I offer consultations from my home treatment room on Hayling Island, from The Natural Therapy Centre in Cosham every Thursday and at Chichester Clinical Massage on Fridays.

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