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Focus on... Menopause and Homeopathy

Focus on.... Menopause and Homeopathy

Menopausal symptoms differ greatly from woman to woman with some seeming to suffer hardly any symptoms and others feeling its a new kind of hell!

One symptom that can cause great discomfort, distress, embarrassment and also sleeplessness is hot flushes. A feeling of extreme heat, mostly in the upper body, accompanied by drenching sweats. For most these hot flushes gradually subside over a year or two but for some unlucky souls it may co...ntinue for up to five years! Lachesis is a remedy that many have found useful for this.

Loss of vaginal lubrication and elasticity during menopause results in difficult intercourse and irritation in the urinary tract. The remedy Sepia is wonderful for decreased libido and low sexual energy and Lycopodium is recommended for treating vaginal dryness.

Irritability and sudden mood fluctuations may become a common occurrence due to the hormonal change occurring in the body in addition to the stress of aging. Sepia, again is a great remedy for treating the symptoms of menopause with irritability and indifferent behaviour.

Pulsatilla may be useful for those with sudden mood fluctuations and emotional instability. In some cases psychological symptoms may worsen and symptoms of clinical depression — excessive weeping, sadness, feelings of loneliness, sleeplessness and reduced social interaction — are also seen. Ignatia can be just the ticket for these symptoms.

One of the main effects of menopause is osteoporosis - the progressive loss and weakening of the bones. Bone mass decreases on average 1-2% per year after menopause and can result in easy fractures and other symptoms related with osteoporosis such as backache and bone pain. Here Calc Carb can help to counteract the loss of calcium from bones and also aid the body in increasing its absorption from the food that we eat.

Homeopathy can be a godsend for most menopausal symptoms and many find it helpful to control and even eradicate some of the symptoms. We're all different and will all be affected differently so do get in touch to discuss individualised homeopathic treatment if you are facing the menopause or currently going through it.

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