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Focus on... massage for runners

Runners World once posed the question whether massage was beneficial for runners. The answer was a resounding yes!

Therapeutic massage (which is what I offer), is thought to help improve flexibility and reduce risk of injury, as well as deliver a whole host of other benefits too. Massage and running go hand in hand.

Running requires sustained, repetitive muscle contractions. The greater these contractions, the greater the force generated and the more muscle fibers are required to shorten. These sustained, repetitive muscular contractions translate into speed, power, and distance allowing us to run further and faster. But this can also mean shortened, tight muscles, reduced joint range of motion and decreased circulation to compressed tissues. Massage works to elongate the muscles, relieve muscle tightness, restore range of motion and improve circulation.

Massage also improves the effectiveness of the circulatory system which is responsible for oxygen transfer, nutrient delivery and waste removal at a cellular level. And massage is aso benefical in increasing blood circulation, helping all these systems along.

Regular massage sessions will enable you to train harder and faster and help your body to recover. So book in for your therapeutic massage session with me.

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