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Focus on... Reiki and Seasonal Affective Disorder

Many off us suffer from the blues and an increase in depression and pain during the winter months; commonly referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. We can slow down a bit in the winter, have less energy and for many the festive season can be tough.

Many of the issues with Seasonal Affective Disorder can be due to an imbalance in the body as exposure to sunlight decreases, affecting hormonal changes in the body. Fres...h air and sunshine are vital to good health and with the shorter hours of daylight in the winter and the rotten weather it can be a challenge to get enough sun.

Reiki is known to help reduce pain, alleviate anxiety and calm the symptoms of depression. It can help to reduce our feelings of stress and produces a deep feeling of calm. With this in mind Reiki could be helpful for those of you who feel you suffer from SAD.

Even for those who feel well and energised having a few Reiki treatments during the winter months may help reduce the typical sluggishness felt during this time of year. It may also help prevent the increase in infections from cold and flu viruses. Reiki has been shown in studies to improve the immune function responses in the blood. It creates balance precisely where needed, thus reducing the likelihood that exposure to a virus will lead to infection.

Even if there were no scientific studies showing the effectiveness of Reiki in increasing the immune system function, or improving pain and depression, we know it feels blissful. It is so very calming. Stress seems to vanish during and immediately after a Reiki treatment and this relaxed state can often lead to more beneficial ways of dealing with life to come to mind.

Offering Reiki to others during the winter months is a great way to help them cope with the issues that many struggle with during this time. A session may be just what they need to uplift their spirits and allow them to enjoy life this winter!

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