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Focus on... heart health and homeopathy

February is National Heart Month.

The remedy Crataegus is described as the nearest to a positive heart tonic.

Crataegus is the common English Hawthorn and is used extensively in herbal medicine. It is also used to great extent in homeopathy as organ support to support the heart and vascular system.

As a remedy Crataegus has a very specific action on the heart. It is known for improving diseases of the heart such as chronic dilatation, cardiac failure, angina pectoris, fatty degeneration of the heart, myocarditis, endocarditis and more.

Studies show that Crataegus acts directly on the heart. It also tones the veins and arteries ensuring more effective oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange.

Indications for Crataegus include a weak and rapid pulse, tiredness on the least exertion, fluid retention (puffy ankles, feet and fingers), heart valve problems and most heart conditions.

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